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December is here boys, can you actually believe 2017 is almost over!! Well this month will see the updates of the month and the 2017 end album will host my all year round photo's :)

November November the Month to Remember I had lots planned this month, but didn't quiet go to plan due to my suspension from work LONG STORY but it did mean I got to spend a bit of time on my dolls. Ready for Xmas gearing up! But Enjoy my November Highlights

The Christmas Section is now available boys & Fully Loaded With much more to come – Note: Platinum Christmas also gets access to the Gold xmas too. Hope we are all ready for a naughty xmas!

Gold Xmas – £3.50 for the Week 

 Platinum Xmas – £10.00 for the week (includes gold Christmas)

If you love ass and plenty of it, and want me bent over then look no further than my ‘bend over baby’ gallery. Plenty of ass for you to bite on












When you feel sexy & confident why not take a Polka Dot suspender set. 58 Sexy Images of your favourite Doll don’t be shy I dont bite come and join me












OOO why hello you naughty boys! I love my fish-net body-stocking with it’s naughty little crotchless section why don’t you boys pop along and see what your naughty doll gets up to in this set. Wish to join me Dolls? Complete set with Video & Also available on the pleasure page section too :O

You can’t resist the girly Doll’ness of me in this little sexy number, My little pink bow going me feeling all flirty boys in this set along with my favourite Ann Summer’s lingerie set with my skimpy little thongs tee-hee

Oh I certainly missed being in front of the camera but couldn’t resist doing my usual Halloween special – I actually did too, Thankfully my wedding dress came on time, like literally the day before I was so over the moon with it, it is perfect for my corpse bride shoot – Enjoyed this little number










When I purchased this sexy Boux avenue set I couldn’t wait to have a sexy little selfie set <3 I hope you like dolls It has lots of sex appeal in this little album <3












God I love waking up rather excited and in that selfie mood – Hope you boys come and Wake with Me soon with this full selfie set :O <3



I recently been wearing cute pig-tail platts & it’s fair to say I think some of you boys like them a little too much 😉 Do they make you want to pull on them and ride on me? 😉 Be sure to head back & Enjoy the brand new Sexy Girl in Platts album

When I bought this little outfit in Lanzarote the other year it’s fair to say I fell in love – the feel of the luxurious satin against my skin just turned me on to the max – I sure hope this ‘Little Princess’ set gets you going boys!


I love getting my Pink Panties from my favourite store, my ass just gets peachier and peachier by the day <3 I think this set just may make you want to tap it. 😉

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