December is here boys, can you actually believe 2017 is almost over!! Well this month will see the updates of the month and the 2017 end album will host my all year round photo's :)

November November the Month to Remember I had lots planned this month, but didn't quiet go to plan due to my suspension from work LONG STORY but it did mean I got to spend a bit of time on my dolls. Ready for Xmas gearing up! But Enjoy my November Highlights

October is here, Autumn leaves & starting to shop for Xmas. I do love autumn has to be a good time of year with fireworks & alsorts. Hope you pop back to see all the daily shots of your doll & some sneak peeks of course

September is here, oh my I'm 25 this month can you believe it! I know i dont look a day over 22 do i ;) I hope you enjoy this little September selfie Gallery boys! full of sneak peeks, selfies & shoots

August was a great month, shopping, nudes, cousins come down from maryport was good to see them. although there was a bit of trubulance this month with a guy faking being me impersonation & copyright theft he's lucky I didnt take him to court he removed everything thankfully

July is here cannot believe we are over 6 months into the year - got a rather productive month ahead with 11 days off it's going to be well worth it ,3 so be sure to pop along and see my selfies from this month :)

June 2017 is going to be just full of those teasy selfies, flashbacks & shoots I have done this month - Looking forward to an amazing month & plus SUMMER is here

May 2017 was full of flashbacks to shoots & tease pics of what will be online very soon! I had plenty of random moments & love looking at inspirational quotations! they just set my day up. Had my shoot as well this month that went really well too :)

April 2017 was a pretty amazing month here are some selfies & moments I had during this month including some of the uploads I made :)