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2017 was an amazing year, not as great as 2016 but still great and still had some achievements made! Here are my highlights from 2017 boys!!

Orange is the new black

I loved doing this set dolls comes in 3 stages!! Part 1 is online now! So go over and check out the set of your favourite doll with matching video!!


Fuck!! my fitness went out the window from October 2017 jesus!! I’ve to whip myself back into shape come and enjoy this little set if you love gym-wear on a girl you’ll love this!


This year my shoots are about to get a whole lot sexier & a lot more of them! Hope you boys are looking forward to it. for now enjoy this sassy and sexy new set boys!


We all say I will do new year resolutions and most don’t stick to them.. BUT I however have managed to stick to mine. My major new year resolution last year was to look at purchasing my own home.. and GUESS WHAT!! I have it’s in the process at the moment and should hopefully all be dealt with by end of January & I will then have my own keys.

It’s a new start for your Doll and I have lots planned this year including more shoots I am determined this year


Hotter Selfie’s

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The flashbacks are back this year Dolls. There are still plenty of shoot shots to come from back in the day & let’s begin with this one.. a Little Tu-tu Nude