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Want to know what I get up to?


There is a new set up boys for you to feast your eyes on. Don’t worry though boys – 2018 is getting better and better Had another shoot this weekend and it went amazing!! So cannot wait to share all the latest with you dolls!

Want to know what I get up to?

want to know what your doll gets up to in her bedroom look no further a sexy set awaits you

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New Shoots 

We’ve had quiet a bit of snow over the last few days so lets bring some heat your way with this new studio set boys!

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New Nude Set Alert

I love being fresh out the shower and love to just lay down and relax for 5 minutes. But I could do with a hand drying off

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It’s a new set

Hope you like this teasy little set boys!! I know these skimpy panties are amazing 😛 

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Yes, I am alone again for valentines this year! Totally sucks but thankfully I had some of my most loyal dolls that bought me some goodies so that perked me up quiet a lot and now I have even better things to look forward to by taking them images & videos etc 😛 I hope everyone who is loved up has a fantastic day though and very lucky!

If your SINGLE I’d like you to meet your palmala (your palm) and meet my website 😉

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The Requests

I have been questioned if I take on any requests, personalised requests. The answer is yes I do but within reason – I’m stuck in a 12ft x 13ft bedroom at the moment until I get my own pad (which is another section of my news) so my requests can be quiet limited. but I will do my very best to please you guys!

The House Updates

I am litrally almost there now woo!! I set the completion date today on Valentines sort of a gift from me to me :’) and we are aiming for the 28th Feb 2018 & all i can say is…

Let the games begin

I am totally looking forward too it purley because I’ll have my own space, own privacy & opens up so many doors for me for the future not only for myself as in my lifestyle but also for the ‘Doll’ side. Really looking forward to getting my hands caked in paint & glitter <3


Selfies all the way

I am in 2 minds at the moment weather to get myself a professional camera I take all my selfies by phone and although they are some what amazing really! I just really fancy getting my hands on a professional cam – what do we think boys?

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New Shoots

Yes boys you have got that right, there is new shoots on the way! I have 2 booked in this month which should be great to get back in front of the camera after so long. Always full of ideas & shoot inspirations so expect so much more this year guys

Lotions & Potions

I loaded a new gallery this week – I love using body butters & body lotions to keep my skin in the perfect condition. Do you want to come and help me butter up boys??