I do model yes as a hobby & a passion & of course providing you dolls with something pleasing. Going to be having regular shoots appear on & cannot wait to share them with you.

What levels can you see here

Glamour – I love the glamour lifestyle, something about being topless and seductive I just love. Gives a whole new aspect of loving yourself – find topless, implied topless, outfits etc

Lingerie – I adore lingerie, so find alsorts of styles here from just standard backdrops to set-ups

Artistic/Erotic – I love playing with lighting and love the erotic aspect of the modelling side. So you can find that here dolls

Fetish – I dont really have any fetish’s but, I sure hope you enjoy the fetish shoots I have done

Nude – Everybody loves a nude female body – implied nude

Beauty –  I love make-up & head shots especially for my seductive blue eyes

Themed – Find cosplay, role play, fantasy and various other themed outfits Enjoy <3

Of course ‘its more than just being topless & nude, it’s about feeling confident and sexy’ – Katie Price


As for my quotation ‘every girl should embrace their body, we are made in a way that makes us unique whether that be big, skinny or curvy’